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The journal Musurgia was created in 1994 by the editorial board of the former journal Analyse musicale. After a single issue in 1994, it appeared since as a quarterly publication. Musurgia publishes on all subjects dealing with music considered from an analytical point of view and aims at anyone cannot be satisfied with resenting without understanding. The analysis of the "musical objects" indeed is the point of convergence of the sciences of music, where they formulate and verify their hypotheses. The journal has the ambition to create a transdisciplinary dialogue between music practice, music theory and musicology.
   Proposed contributions are welcome. As contributions will be published in French, potential authors are invited to read the Intructions aux auteurs (in French). Translations of papers written in other languages can be envisaged.


Editor : Nicolas MEEÙS
Editorial board : Jean-Michel BARDEZ, Jean-Pierre BARTOLI, François DELALANDE,
  Annie LABUSSIÈRE, Marie·Noëlle MASSON
Editorial secretary : Luciane BEDUSCHI


is published by ESKA Editions, 12, rue du Quatre-Septembre, F-75002 PARIS
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Publisher : Serge KEBABTCHIEFF