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Chronological index

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Vol. XXVI/2 (2019), Modal and Tonal Organisation in Polyphonic Compositions from the Late Middle Ages to the Early Baroque
Vol. XXVI/1 (2019), Cyclical Forms I
Vol. XXV/3-4 (2018) – Reprint of vol. XIV/2 (2007)
Vol. XXV/1-2 (2018) – Reprint of vol. XIV/1 (2007)
Vol. XXIV/1-4 (2017)

Volume XXIII/4 (2016) is in preparation.
Vol. XXIII/1-3 (2016), Linguistics, rhetorics, stylistics, music

Vol. XXII/3-4 (2015)
Vol. XXII/2 (2015)
Vol. XXII/1 (2015)
Vol. XXI/4 (2014)
Vol. XXI/1-3 (2014), Pierre-Alexandre-François Boëly, vol. II
Vol. XX/2-4 (2013), Pierre-Alexandre-François Boëly, vol. I
Vol. XX/1 (2013)
Vol. XIX/4 (2012)
Vol. XIX/1-3 (2012), Jacques Chailley

Vol. XVIII/4 (2011)
Vol. XVIII/3 (2011), Analysis of musics from the 20th and 21th centuries
Vol. XVIII/1-2 (2011), Music analysis in French universities

Vol. XVII/4 (2010), Vecteurs harmoniques (II)
Vol. XVII/3 (2010)
Vol. XVII/2 (2010), The Arabesque
Vol. XVII/1 (2010)
Vol. XVI/3-4 (2009) : Thematic Volume 3-4, Musical creation in the XXth century. Hommage to Marcel Mesnage
Vol. XVI/2 (2009) : Thematic Volume 2, Jazz
Vol. XVI/1 (2009) : Thematic Volume 1, Polyphonic Modality
Vol. XV/4 (2008)
Vol. XV/1-3 (2008): The International Sibelius Conference in the Sorbonne
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Vol. XIV/3-4 (2007)
Vol. XIV/2 (2007)
Vol. XIV/1 (2007)
Vol. XIII/4 (2006)
Vol. XIII/3 (2006)
Vol. XIII/2 (2006)
Vol. XIII/1 (2006)
Vol. XII/4 (2005): Analysis of Performance
Vol. XII/3 (2005)
Vol. XII/1-2 (2005): Musical Rhetorics
Vol. XI/4 (2004)
Vol. XI/3 (2004): Music and Power
Vol. XI/1-2 (2004): Images of the Voice
Vol. X/3-4 (2003): Harmonic Vectors
Vol. X/2 (2003)
Vol. X/1 (2003)
Vol. IX/3-4 (2002)
Vol. IX/2 (2002): Modern Popular Music
Vol. IX/1 (2002): The Learned and the Popular
Vol. VIII/3-4 (2001): Modality in France, XIXth-XXth centuries (II)
Vol. VIII/2 (2001): Modality in France, XIXth-XXth centuries (I)
Vol. VIII/1 (2001): Young Analysts, Young Theoricians
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Vol. VII/3-4 (2000)
Vol. VII/2 (2000): Analysis, Theory, History
Vol. VII/1 (2000): Ancient Music
Vol. VI/3-4 (1999): Analytic Studies
Vol. VI/2 (1999): Musical Analysis and Musical Practices
Vol. VI/1 (1999): Genetics
Vol.V/3-4 (1998)
Vol.V/2 (1998): The Analysis of Modern Popular Music: Song, Rock, Rap
Vol. V/1 (1998): Analytic Studies
Vol. IV/4 (1997)
Vol. IV/3 (1997): Modality Reconsidered
Vol. IV/2 (1997): Baroque: Diversity of Analyses
Vol. IV/1 (1997)
Vol. III/4 (1996)
Vol. III/3 (1996): Musical Creation and Analysis Today
Vol. III/2 (1996): Avatars of Modality from the XVth to the XVIIIth Centuries
Vol. III/1 (1996)
Vol. II/4 (1995)
Vol. II/3 (1995): Is Jazz an Object for Analysis?
Vol. II/2 (1995) : Analysis and Creation
Vol. II/1 (1995)
Vol. I (1994): Radiography of Form: Segmentation