Réné Champigny, One hundred years of research on Octatonicism, Second part: From Antokoletz to Lerdahl

The first part of this article (previous issue), subtitled "From Yavorsky to van den Toorn", presented the first major research on the octatonic scale, referred to as "the second mode of limited transposition" by Olivier Messiaen in particular. In it appeared, in chronological order (from 1908 to 1983) the work of Boleslav Yavorsky, Olivier Messiaen, Ernö Lendvai, Arthur Berger, Joseph N. Straus and Pieter C. van den Toorn, emphasizing from various perspectives the importance of the octatonic scale and its influence on such composers as Bartòk and Stravinsky. The second part of the article examines more recent research, often explanatory, in which Elliott Antokoletz, Richard Taruskin, George Perle, Richard Cohn, Paul Wilson, Cheong Wai-Ling, Allen Forte and Fred Lerdahl bring their distinctive analytical concept to light; again, special focus is on factors of tonal polarity. This part ends with a bibliography on octatonicism that lists research not specified in the text and footnotes related to both parts of the article.