Carine Perret, Ravelís romanticism, a chosen heritage

We propose to position Maurice Ravel in a romantic stylistic heritage, with respect to the influences of Edgar Poe and of Nicolas Rimsky-Korsakov. Strongly nourished by their language and aesthetics, Ravelís style preserves their expressive, narrative and poetic dimension. Direct legacy or product of an imitative process, the detectable romantic imprints in Ravelís works are analyzed in works like the Valses nobles et sentimentales, Shéhérazade, the Rapsodie espagnole or L'Enfant et les sortilèges. Through the orchestration or the figuralism, tools dedicated to the creation of poetical universes, Maurice Ravel expresses his attachment to a selected romantic aesthetic heritage. Nonexclusive reference, this legacy of the past mixes with contemporary styles in a subtle blending characteristic of the stylistic originality of the composer.