Mihaela CORDUBAN, The rhetoric of musical ideas in Johann Sebastian Bach's two part Inventions. A formal model.

The paper develops a formal model for the corpus of the two-part Inventions (BWV 772-786) rooted in the art of rhetoric. Of primary importance is the phrase, the organization of which is subjected to a detailed analysis for the entire body of works under consideration. The study demonstrates that form in these works embodies the temporal modes of beginning, middle, and end, which may be associated with analogous entities of the rhetorical discourse: exordium, medium, and finis (as taken from Gallus Dressler's 1563 treatise, Praecepta musicae poetica). These three temporal modes, like their corresponding rhetorical functions, operate on two levels: at the local level, that of the segments that constitute each phrase, and at a more abstracted level, that of the phrases that make up each work.