Amine BEYHOM, Modal systematic: generation and classification of modal scales

As a first approach to the concept, the modal systematic is a tool for the research and the classification of arbitrary musical systems based on modal practice. It makes use of algorithms for the adaptation and the filtering of scalar musical systems, in order to determine the extent to which their internal (intervallic) structure corresponds to a given musical practice, so allowing extensive theoretical projections within the framework either of a defined type of music or through comparative studies between different musical cultures of the world. It also offers an alternative method for the analysis of modal music, coupled with a coherent and exhaustive classification system of the musical scales. Three fundamental aspects of the theory are discussed in this paper: a review of its methodological principles, the presentation of an original and exhaustive method of classification of the scales and a first series of observations on the metastructure of modal systems and their aesthetics.

Two annexes to this paper are available here :
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