André RIOTTE, Some thoughts on formalized analysis

As a complement to Moreno Andreatta and Stephan Schaub's article introducing in this same issue, in a concise and fitting manner, the bases of the Set Theory, it seemed fitting to provide a larger frame for the preparation of the conference "About Set Theory" conjunctly organized by the French Society for Music Analysis and the Ircam on 15 and 16 October 2003.

Formalized analysis, the aim of which is, among others, to produce computer models of scores or of composition techniques, remains rather confidential a practice. The present paper intends to define its ambitions and its processes, without entering the more technical procedures that it requests. Bibliographical references will allow the interested reader to find information on certain dogmatic, mathematical or computational aspects of this narrow branch of music analysis, that demonstrated its efficiency, also as a pedagogical tool, in several cases.